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Abandoned Vehicle Removal

At Park Direct UK, we understand the nuisance that abandoned vehicles can cause. When there is a car abandoned on your private property, it can be an inconvenience in a number of ways; not only may they be causing an obstruction to you or others trying to park your own vehicles, but they can also be unsightly.

On top of these issues, they may even pose a vast health and safety risk, with there potentially being smashed windows resulting in broken glass on the floor, petrol leaks that cause a fire and slippage hazard and missing wheels – all of which are dangerous.

PDUK Vehicle Removal

If there is an abandoned vehicle at your premises, you now have the power to remove said vehicle from your land by contacting us here at Park Direct UK. The process is quick and simple; all you need to do is get in touch and carry out the necessary steps that we provide you with, then we will take care of the rest, managing the removal from start to finish.

What Constitutes an Abandoned Vehicle?

According to current legislation, a vehicle is considered abandoned if it has been left on private property for a minimum of 15 days or has no number plate. The condition of the vehicle is also taken into consideration when determining whether or not it is likely to have been abandoned, for example there is significant damage, burnt bodywork, rusted brake discs or notable amounts of dirt building up around the vehicle.

An attempt must be made to find the owner of the vehicle and notice must be given if there is a registered owner. If there is no action or response within this notice period, then we can go ahead and remove the vehicle from your land.

Please contact us at Park Direct UK for a vehicle removal quote or for further information.

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