We offer a full suite of parking management services, including bespoke solutions to match your individual requirements.
  • Parking enforcement

    Parking enforcement scheme

    Here at Park Direct, we manage over 700 clients with our parking enforcement schemes, maintaining an excellent level of customer satisfaction by:
    • Offering FREE of charge parking management services
    • Tailoring services to meet your individual requirements
    • IPC approved operators
    • Conducting 24/7 random patrols
    • Competent and professional service
    • Complete permit management

    Parking Attendant Patrol Service

    Here at Park Direct UK, we understand the hassle that comes with unauthorised vehicles and other parking predicaments. As a parking management company, we specialise in helping you eliminate these difficulties with little to no hassle.

    While we have a range of competitors who can offer you a similar service, we are confident in guaranteeing a more experienced and efficient level of service to help you with your parking problems. Not to mention our FREE patrol service with our qualified team of wardens.

    Our wardens are:

    • Fully trained in conflict management
    • Wear a recognisable uniform
    • Carry ID at all times
    • Drive sign written vehicles

    • Conduct random 24/7 patrols
    • On a 24 hour call out service
    • Deliver excellent service to ensure safety
    • Free warning signs
    • Free site survey
    • Dedicated account manager
    • Excellent customer service

  • Self-ticketing service

    Self-ticketing service

    • Complete control over your car park
    • 10% revenue on all paid parking tickets
    • You issue the ticket, we do the rest!

    Self-ticketing service

    Our self-ticketing service has been carefully designed to give you full control over your parking enforcements. Here at Park Direct, our role is to provide you with all the necessary equipment and information to set you up to manage the parking enforcement services on your land without any hassle.

    When you want to issue a ticket, the process is nice and convenient. Users simply have to take pictures of the vehicle with a time and date stamp, then they can either email the photos over or upload them onto our system. If you prefer to use your smartphone, our mobile app can be used to automatically upload the ticket to our system.

    Once your images are on our system, we will take care of the rest! We will issue the registered keeper a Parking Charge Notice via the post.

  • Abandoned vehicle removal

    Abandoned vehicle removal

    Remove abandoned vehicles from your land

    At Park Direct Uk Ltd, we understand the nuisance that abandoned vehicles can cause. They are often dangerous, unsightly and a vast health and safety risk, with smashed glass, petrol leaks and missing wheels.
    You now have the power to remove the vehicles from your land and dispose of them after you have carried out the necessary steps.
    The process is quick and simple and we can manage the process from start to finish.
    Please contact us for a quote or for further information.

  • Line painting

    Line painting

    • FREE of charge quotation
    • Competitive price
    • Quick turn around time
    • Highest quality service using the best quality materials
    • No job too small

    Line painting

    Whether it’s to smarten up the office grounds to give a good impression, mark out spaces efficiently to provide best use of space or to ensure you are complying with the latest Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) and the British Standard requirements. We can provide all your road marking and line painting requirements.
    Our line marking teams are experienced and trained to such high standards that they can undertake any project from traditional car park line marking to highly complex and bespoke projects. If you have specific ideas in mind for your company’s car park, we can work with your ideas and offer advice to get the best possible car park line markings for your requirements within the available space.
    Our teams can maximize the spaces within your car park and remain compliant with the current standards.
    Our combination of skilled workmanship, innovative machinery and top quality materials ensure that you get the best possible results that last with minimal maintenance.
    Contact us to obtain a no obligation quote or arrange a site survey.

  • Pay and display machines

    Pay and display

    Park Direct Uk Ltd supply and service Pay and Display machines to a number of car parks throughout the UK

    Pay and display

    We offer a tailored service to supply, service and arrange for cash collection on a regular basis, dependent on your individual requirements.
    Pay and Display machines are an effective way to generate revenue from your car park. By using PDUK, you can be sure that the Pay and Display system is managed correctly and in accordance with the current Laws and Legislation.
    We have a full range of machines and payment options.

    We offer:

    • FREE site survey
    • FREE training
    • FREE warning signs
    • FREE additional parking enforcement
    • FREE additional parking enforcement
    • Full maintenance of machines
    • Full maintenance of machines

  • Automatic number plate recogition (ANPR)


    • Generate an income from your car park
    • Deter anti-social behaviour and improving parking safety
    • Decreasing the costs of operating your car park
    • Reducing parking abuse, over-stays and unauthorised parking

    Automatic number plate recognition ANPR

    Park Direct UK can provide tailored ANPR parking solutions that can help private land owners and managing agents dramatically increase parking compliance and space availability.
    Our dedicated teams currently provide tailored solutions nationwide. All installation, management and on-going maintenance can be completely free of charge and once installed, your account manager will run the site for you and provide you with reports as often as you like.
    Contact us now to discuss the future of your car park revenue.

  • Generate revenue from your land

    Generate revenue from your land

    Make revenue by turning your disused/derelict land into car parks

    Generate revenue from your land

    Why leave valuable land sitting idle when there are people willing to pay to park there?
    If you have land waiting to be developed, we may be able to help you generate revenue from it.

    We will:

    • Assist with planning permission

    • Make the site legally enforceable

    • Provide the kit needed, if the site warrants it, free of charge
    • Arrange enforcement for the site

    • Administrate the whole back end process

    The benefits to you are:

    • You will make revenue from your derelict land
    • Alleviates security and parking problems
    • Enhanced parking systems for residents and visitors, if applicable
    • A simple and efficient revenue generating parking scheme with low impact enforcement

    We set it up at no cost to you, short term or long term. We put up the signage, either install pay and display machines or provide a parking attendant.
    Contact us now for further information or to arrange a site survey.

  • Traffic Marshal/ Banksman

    We supply certified trained marshal's

    Our Marshals are unique, we will train them for your individual requirements

    Bespoke service

    We currently cover Airport cargo areas, roadways, highways, event management and sites. Whatever your requirement is, we can do it.

    We have a quick turnaround time and can supply a marshal within 24 hours.

    Contact us today for a no obligation quote. 

    • Certified Marshals
    • Experienced
    • Insured
    • They arrive in full uniform
    • Marshall ID card displayed