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Pay and Display Machines

If you own a private car park that has enough spaces for you to be happy opening it up for public use, then you may choose to have pay and display parking machines installed, as these are an effective way to generate revenue from your car park.

At PDUK, we have a full range of pay and display machines and payment options to be installed in your car park.

What is Pay and Display Parking?

Pay and display parking involves people paying for a parking ticket then leaving said ticket displayed in their car (usually on their dashboard), so that it is visible for wardens or car park managers to see when checking that people have paid to park and are not staying longer than they have paid for.

Pay and display rules aren’t exclusive to drivers, however, as there are certain regulations you must follow when installing one of these in your car park. It is your responsibility to display the necessary tariff, payment and display information on or as close to your ticket machine(s) as possible according to the most recent laws and legislations.

When you get your pay and display machine through us, you can rest assured that your system will be managed correctly and in compliance with the current laws and legislations, allowing for effective parking enforcement in your car park.

Pay and Display Machine Maintenance Services

As well as supplying pay and display machines, at Park Direct UK we will also carry out full maintenance on these, servicing them as and when necessary. You can also arrange for cash collection on a regular basis, which we will carry out depending on your individual requirements.

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