Our objective at Park Direct UK Ltd is to provide the most effective solution to all of your parking predicaments.

Self Ticketing Services

You may wonder, ‘how is this any different from simply telling people they can’t park in my car park?’, which is what you’re likely already doing to no avail. Well, the difference is that we will provide you with all the necessary equipment you need to have a legally enforceable controlled parking zone (such as signage and permits). From there, you will be able to take active action to issue parking tickets to any unauthorised or obstructive vehicles.

Issuing a Ticket

When issuing tickets, you will not need to worry about filling in a long form with certain information then printing out a physical ticket to put on someone’s car, which we understand could make you feel uncomfortable due to the risk of conflict and the overall hassle of doing so.

Instead, you simply need to follow this easy process:

What We’ll Do

Once you’ve issued a ticket into our system, we will issue the registered owner of the offending vehicle a Parking Charge Notice through the post.

The great thing about using our ticketing service is that it not only gives you and any other relevant individuals autonomous control over the management of your car park, but you will also earn a 10% revenue on all paid parking tickets!

In the event that any offenders repeatedly fail to pay outstanding fines from issued parking tickets, then we will take them to county court to reclaim the monies due.

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“Park Direct are a very professional firm who have been excellent at tailoring our car parking enforcement needs to suit each individual block of flats that we manage. We find their staff courteous and approachable and they deal with queries and problems in a speedy and efficient manner”

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