Our objective at Park Direct UK Ltd is to be the effective solution to all of your parking predicaments.

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Report a vehicle:

Please complete the boxes to report any incorrectly parked vehicles. Although Park Direct Uk Ltd does not provide a response service we will endeavor to action all reports made. Our operative’s work on a 24/7 random patrol basis therefore we are able to tailor our patrols to your individual requirements.

Please provide time and date stamped photos of the incorrectly parked vehicle – please submit these using the form below. Most smartphone app stores provide a free time and date stamp app. The photos must show the vehicle registration number along with photos that demonstrate what contravention is being caused. For example if the vehicle is failing to display a valid permit we need a full windscreen photo or if the vehicle is parked in a no parking area; the photo most illustrate the area in which is parked. Please also ensure that one warning sign can be seen in the photographs you provide.

If you are reporting a vehicle for parking in your allocated bay and you have no where else to park, you MUST send us your registration number and provide a picture of the vehicle parked in your bay. If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us

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