How To Get an Abandoned Vehicle Removed Quickly

If you’ve ever come across an abandoned vehicle, you know how frustrating and unsightly it can be. Whether it’s an abandoned car on the side of the road or a vehicle that’s been sitting in your neighborhood for weeks, it can be a nuisance and, even worse, a safety hazard. But don’t worry, there are steps you can take to get the vehicle removed. In this blog, we’ll discuss how to get an abandoned vehicle removed.

What is an Abandoned Vehicle?

An abandoned vehicle is a vehicle that has been left in a public space for an extended period of time. This can include cars, trucks, motorcycles, and other types of vehicles. In most cases, abandoned vehicles are left on the side of the road, in parking lots, or in residential areas. Abandoned vehicles can become a safety hazard, as they can attract vandalism, theft, and even illegal activities. Additionally, they can be an eyesore and decrease property values in the area.

Abandoned Vehicle Removal

If you come across an abandoned vehicle, the first step is to determine who is responsible for its removal. This will depend on the location of the vehicle. If the vehicle is on a public road, the local government is usually responsible for its removal. If the vehicle is on private property, the property owner is responsible for its removal.

Here are the steps you can take to get an abandoned vehicle removed quickly:

Determine Ownership

Before you can get an abandoned vehicle removed, you need to determine who owns the vehicle. You can do this by checking for license plates, registration stickers, or any other identifying information. If you’re unable to find any identifying information, you may need to contact your local DMV to check the vehicle’s registration.

Contact Local Authorities

Once you’ve determined the ownership of the vehicle, you can contact your local authorities to report it. This can include the police department, sheriff’s office, or code enforcement agency. Provide them with the location of the vehicle, its description, and any identifying information you were able to gather.

Wait for Inspection

After you’ve reported the abandoned vehicle, local authorities will usually inspect the vehicle to determine if it is abandoned. If it is, they will post a notice on the vehicle, giving the owner a certain amount of time to remove the vehicle before it is towed.

Vehicle Removal

If the owner doesn’t remove the vehicle within the specified time period, it will be towed to a designated impound lot. The owner will be responsible for any fees associated with the towing and storage of the vehicle. If the vehicle is not claimed within a certain amount of time, it may be auctioned off or scrapped.

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