Parking Penalties: Different Ticket Types Explained

The world of parking tickets can feel complicated, where there are a variety of different ticket types, penalties and punishments that can be inflicted on drivers. These can be issued by private companies or local authorities, and can result in fines and licence points for the vehicle owner. This is in addition to towing and clamping, where these can also result in a fine.

Whether you’re an everyday driver or you’re in possession of a parking area, it is important to understand the various penalties and ticket types that can be distributed. Read on for a brief guide to these different types of tickets, as well as an insight into towing and clamping legislation.

Penalty Charge Notice (PCN)

These are issued by local authorities for various parking violations, as well as offences such as failing to pay a congestion charge. This is similar to an Excess Charge Notice (ECN), also issued by local authorities, where these differ in that they represent a criminal charge.

Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN)

These are issued by the council, the police or the Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA), typically for parking offences or dangerous driving. They usually indicate that you are required to pay a fine, where you may also receive points on your licence.

Parking Charge Notice (PCN)

These are issued by private companies for parking on private land, where this could also include overstays at supermarkets or hospital car parks. This differs from a local authority fine in that it isn’t backed by law and can be disputed.


A car clamp is fitted to a vehicle’s wheel to prevent the motor from being moved, where the clamping authority should be contacted to arrange an official removal and fine payment. Reasons for clamping include causing an obstruction, having invalid insurance or not taxing your vehicle.


Similarly, your car can be towed if it has been parked illegally resulting in an obstruction, or if your vehicle is improperly taxed or insured. If your car has been towed, you can either contact the police on 101 or you may be provided with the contact number for a parking enforcement authority.

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