Are You Looking For A Way To Generate Money From Your Land?

If you are looking to generate some money from an unused estate or an existing car park? Then turning your land into a car park could be the perfect idea to make some extra cash.

Why Should I Turn My Unused Land Into A Car Park?

There can actually be a healthy amount of profit to be made from car parks. With an increase in road users, the demand for places to park also escalates. A site evaluation and a meeting with a parking management service will usually be conducted to outline the best steps moving forward with your empty land.

This may seem like an overwhelming process to take on, however, working with a parking management company can really help you put everything in place! Having worked with other clients previously, companies will be well versed in helping you set up your venture and outlining potential issues. A few extra things that a parking service company will be able to help you with are:

  • Helping you figure out planning permission
  • Making the site legally enforceable
  • Providing the kit you need, sometimes free of charge
  • Arranging on site enforcements
  • Administering all back end processes

Parking Management Companies

Rest assured, you won’t be going through this process alone! Parking Management Companies will provide a huge amount of support to help you get everything set up.

Advantages Of Turning Your Land Into A Car Park:

It might seem like a lengthy process, however, using idle land to generate revenue is never a bad idea! Here are a few advantages of investing some time into using your land:

  • A healthy stream of revenue – As mentioned, there is a good amount of profit to be generated from car parks, if you’re looking for a source of extra income
  • No commitment – The options for your car park can be either long or short term, meaning you don’t need to commit to this venture for a long time if that isn’t something you are interested in
  • Alleviate parking & security issues – By installing enhanced parking systems for residents and visitors, parking enforcement services are made more accessible and convenient to both owners and users

How Can We Help?

Here at Park Direct Ltd, we will set up your parking investment, provide a parking attendant, pay & display machines and put up your desired signage. We want to make your car park management process as smooth as possible with our years of expertise.

If this venture could be of interest to you, we recommend getting in touch with us today to speak to one of our team members and arrange a site survey.