Could Self-Ticketing Be The Answer To Your Parking Problems?

Self-ticketing could be a brilliant solution to any issues you’re facing as a car park owner. It’s a great idea for small or medium sized car parks, and allows you to have more control overall!

What Is Self-Ticketing?

Self-ticketing services allow you to issue parking tickets at your own discretion, more recently from the convenience of a phone. Using self-ticketing parking enforcements can help you protect your spaces from misuse and help you to ensure your terms are adhered to, or that penalties are appropriately issued.

Car-Park Owners

If you’re running a car park yourself, you are potentially looking to have the most control over your parking venture. Using a system to regulate parking can be useful in monitoring charges and making sure they are applied, or fines are issues where appropriate.

Being able to manage your site and keep everything running smoothly will make life much easier on your end!


There are a variety of advantages of using self ticketing as a parking solution for both you and the people using the car park. These are some advantages to bear in mind:

  • You are maximising the level of control you have as a car park manager, by using an app, no one is required to carry out PCNs or issue parking tickets
  • As a manager, you can easily access online systems to keep track and oversee what’s going on in your car park
  • For those who might be violating your parking regulations, using online systems will be able to automatically evaluate and estimate the parking penalties that need to be issued
  • Using a self-ticketing machine is more efficient for car park management as it automates certain processes and makes things easier to survey
  • If you’re looking for a service for individual sites, this type of ticketing service can be a more user-friendly service
  • Self-ticketing is also more convenient for those using the car park, especially via mobile app, they are able to pay their parking fees via their mobile

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