How A Parking Attendant Patrol Service Can Help You

Owning a car park can come with its challenges. We understand the hassle that can come from unauthorised vehicles, customers who don’t pay and other parking problems. Our blog dives into parking enforcement options and how they can help your car park operate better. To find out more, keep on reading!

What Do Parking Attendant Patrols Entail?

The duties of a parking enforcement officer could range across a few different things, however the main responsibilities would include:

  • Checking that vehicles are correctly parked
  • Checking for valid permits
  • Ensuring cars are parked within the time regulations
  • Issuing penalties or charges to people who have broken the rules or exceeded their parking limit
  • Monitoring security systems or CCTV
  • Carrying out general maintenance tasks like stocking machines, empting cash machines, keeping the car park tidy…etc.

How Can This Help My Car Park Business?

When it comes to car parks, hiring enforcement staff can be useful for a range of reasons. Parking management services help to make your car park run smoothly and safely all the time.

Security & Safety

A parking attendant can make the car park more safe and secure for the business owner as well as the customers. It can reduce the likelihood of vandalism, theft and other antisocial behaviour.

Better Control

Owning a car park space and managing the space are two completely different things. By hiring parking attendant staff to operate the car park, you can have peace of mind about what’s going on at the site. With someone monitoring CCTV and enforcing parking rules, you are in much better control of your business.

Emergency Situations

In any kind of emergency situation, or situation where customers need to speak to a member of staff, having an attendant at the site can make this much easier to deal with. For any kind of emergency, complaint or other issues it can be very useful to have a parking attendant present.

Enforcing The Rules

Having a member of staff to enforce rules, check tickets and issue the corresponding penalties, you have less to worry about. Having a parking enforcement officer on the site can also encourage more people to pay their parking charge and stay within their time limit because they are more at risk of being caught and penalised.

Parking Management For Your Car Park: Park Direct

As a parking management company, we understand the importance of having a well organised business. Our parking solutions and parking enforcement options are designed to help your car park operate smoothly and safely.

For more information about our parking services, please visit our website. Alternatively, you can contact us today to speak to our team directly. 

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