How Can Your Business Benefit From Pay & Display Machines?

If you own a car park, you’re probably familiar with the different pay options you have. Pay and display machines have a wide range of benefits that could make all the difference to your car park. To find out more about the kinds of perks that can come from using pay and display machines, keep on reading!

Benefits Of Pay And Display

Pay and display machines are extremely popular choices for car parks, and for good reason! It’s a simple system whereby visitors collect a ticket from the machine which indicates the time of purchase and the duration of the parking. It is a quick and simple method of parking, read below to hear more benefits of pay and display machines.

Saves Cost Of Hiring

By using pay and display machines, you don’t need to rely on having a member of staff to operate and manage your car park. Not only does this make the car park more efficient, you don’t need to worry about labour costs or hiring staff.

Convenient For Your Customers

As we’ve briefly mentioned, pay and display machines are simple to use. Creating a parking solution that is effective and simple for everyone to use means that more people will be likely to park in your car park, generating more profits.

By paying for a set duration of time, customers also know how much their parking costs upfront, rather than being surprised by an expensive parking charge when they get back to their car!

Easy To Use

Most pay and display machines will be operating seamlessly, meaning customers are more likely to be satisfied with their experience. Using pay and display machines can reduce the number of service issues that customers experience, and the payment process is nice and simple, which all benefits the user experience.

Secure & Sturdy

Pay and display machines are solid machines that are secure and sturdy. They are not broken into very often and are usually covered in anti-graffiti paint to prevent vandalism.

Flexible Payment Methods

Many parking machines will take both cash and card, meaning you can use up that spare change that’s been sitting in your car! Having flexible payment methods is another great advantage of using pay and display machines. It’s also another way in which they are seamless and efficient, as you have options when it comes to payment.

Park Direct

Here at Park Direct, we specialise in a range of parking services and solutions including pay and display machines. We offer a tailored service to help you cater to your business’ requirements. To find out more about our parking services or how we can help you, feel free to contact our team today!

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