How To Create Fair Parking Spaces For People With Disabilities

Having a disability can make navigating from place to place very difficult. No matter what someone’s disability is, it’s important to create accessible spaces for them. Whether that be parking spaces or entrance ramps in buildings. If you are a landowner or business owner that offers parking, how do you make sure your car park is accessible or offers accessible parking spaces?

Here is our guide to creating parking spaces that people with disabilities can use.


The first thing you need to consider is where you will place the parking spot. Disabled parking bays should be located on the level pavement along the shortest accessible route to an accessible entrance. This usually means they are in front of or near the entrance. If it isn’t possible to find an accessible space on level pavement, they can be located anywhere as long as they are close to an entrance ramp or lift. An accessible route needs to be at least 3 feet wide and have a firm, stable and slip-resistant surface.


It is also important that your disabled parking bay offers enough space. This is to ensure that no one else parks their car close enough to the disabled bay that the person is unable to get in or out of their vehicle. They need to be 1.2 metres wider than a standard bay with a total width of 3.6 metres. This helps a person with a disability be able to safely navigate their vehicle and use any accessibility equipment they need. You can put two disabled bays next to each other and the extensions don’t need to be duplicated for each space.


It is vital that disabled bays are kept clean and well-maintained to ensure the safety of people with disabilities. Any cracks in the concrete should be repaired as soon as possible and lines should be repainted when needed. Ramps will need to be inspected at least once a year to make sure they’re secure and stable.

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