The Importance of Signage in Parking Management

There are many characteristics that contribute to making a car park great, with one of these being signage. The signage at your car park should be clear and concise so that drivers are aware of any important parking rules. In most cases, proper signage will improve the parking experience for users, which will lead to increased revenue, reducing bottlenecks and other issues and preventing unauthorised parking.

Although it sounds simple, getting car park signage right can be challenging. After all, it’s your responsibility to ensure that you’re complying with necessary legal requirements and that the rules and regulations you’re communicating to drivers are done so in a clear and straightforward manner. This is especially important when it comes to car parking enforcement, as failure to do so can result in lost revenue.

Not quite sure what signage you should be implementing at your car park? Read on to find out more.

Make Signs Clear & Transparent

As mentioned above, your car park signs should be clear, straightforward and address all fundamental issues in the most effective manner. This information will likely need to be displayed in a small amount of space, so instructions need to be concise. Make sure parking hours and charges are clearly displayed, and if there are different restrictions for different times of day, should also make this clear.

Weatherproof All Signs

Because weather is so unpredictable in the UK, all signage must be resistant to adverse conditions. Signs should be weatherproofed and durable enough to withstand heavy rain, snow or prolonged exposure to the sun. If your sign becomes damaged or faded to the point where users find it difficult to read, parking charges could be invalidated. If you have a car park attendant on site, one of their tasks should be to routinely check the signage to identify any issues.

Ensure Signs are BPA Compliant

It’s essential to comply with all relevant codes of practice when installing signage at your car park. If you plan to issue PCNs, it’s recommended that car park owners join the British Parking Association and adhere to their regulations. Signs that do not comply with the BPA can lead to drivers challenging penalty charges in court, which could potentially result in you losing out on revenue.

The logos of your accrediting bodies should also appear on your signs, as this will highlight that you are a legitimate car park operator and that parking is safe in this area.

Trust PDUK for Parking Management Services

At Park Direct our approach is to find efficient and cost effective solutions to all your parking predicaments. As British Parking Association (BPA) members, we can offer lawful and legitimate parking solutions for your property according to your specific requirements. For more information about our services, please get in touch.

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