Is Pay and Display Being Phased Out? What this Means for You

Pay and display parking has been one of, if not the most popular form of paid parking in the UK for many years. However, this way of charging for parking is gradually being phased out in many places across the country.

What does this mean for you and your privately owned car park? Keep reading as we discuss just that.

Where is Pay and Display Being Phased Out?

Many local councils are gradually phasing out the use of pay and display machines in their car parks, with it being estimated that most (potentially all) car parks operated by local authorities will be cash-free by 2025 and instead operate using parking apps.

There are various factors that account for this. The first is the dismantling of 3G networks. Many existing pay and display machines use 3G mobile networks to process their card payments, however the majority of the leading providers, such as EE and Three, are planning to dismantle their entire 3G networks by the end of 2024, with Vodafone having already done so.

Councils argue that it would be too expensive to upgrade or replace their existing machines with those that run on a 4G mobile network, which has partially led to their decision to simply scrap them.

Other reasons which have led to this decision include the rise in popularity over mobile parking apps, along with the potential vandalism that comes with having a physical ticketing machine.

What Opportunities Does this Offer You?

So, whilst pay and display is gradually becoming no more in car parks owned by local authorities, that doesn’t mean they’re going away for good. As such, you still have the choice to install them in your private car park.

In fact, with many authorities deciding to scrap them, this actually offers you a beneficial opportunity. Although mobile parking is becoming more popular, there are many individuals who still prefer to pay for their parking using more traditional methods, as well as those who simply appreciate having multiple payment options available.

Older generations, for example, are much less reliant on mobiles and prefer the convenience of paying at a ticket machine. As such, operating pay and display parking in your car park makes it more favourable to users that fit this demographic over competing car parks owned by the local council. The result? More users in your car park, thus more revenue being brought in.

Similarly, technology isn’t always the most reliable. Paying for parking via mobile requires users to be able to establish a secure connection to the internet in order to make their payment, which doesn’t always happen – especially if the network they’re on is experiencing issues. As such, they’d require an alternative method to pay, else would need to find an alternative car park.

By offering both payment solutions, you can attract and retain more customers, resulting in better revenue generated by your car park.

Pay and Display with PDUK

If you’re interested in installing pay and display machines at your car park, then we can help here at Park Direct UK.

We can supply and service pay and display machines throughout the UK, tailoring our service to your individual needs and ensuring you see every penny of revenue generated by your car park. Get in touch with us today for more information.

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