Maximising Payment Options in Your Car Park with ANPR

If you operate a car park, then there are two things in particular that will be in your best interest: people parking in your car park and reliable car monitoring.

The more people that use your car park, the more revenue you can bring in, which in turn can be invested back into the upkeep of your car park on top of receiving a profit. At the same time, you want to ensure that those who are using your car park are paying to do so, rather than taking advantage and thinking they can get away without paying.

A great solution to ensure users are paying to use your car park, whilst encouraging in as many users as possible, is to use an ANPR system with multiple payment options for your customers to choose from.

What is ANPR?

ANPR stands for automatic number plate recognition. An ANPR system, then, is used in car parks to track which cars have entered and exited your car park and the times at which they’ve done so, which is detected through the use of special cameras that can detect number plate licences.

This is used to determine not only if people are paying to use your car park, but to also check that they’re not overstaying the expiry time on their ticket, which can be determined through your payment machines. We’ll go on to look at these next.

Comprehensive Payment Options

Cash & Contactless

Whilst contactless payments are the preferred payment method nowadays, it’s still a great idea to offer cash payments. This is especially favoured by older generations, who statistically are more likely to carry and use cash.

By offering both these methods of payment, you can attract more customers to your car park over competitor car parks nearby that may only offer one of the two payment types.

Utilising this with ANPR, customers can enter their vehicle’s registration number into the payment machines before selecting how long they wish to stay for and make the payment. The machine can then print a ticket confirming their parking and/or a receipt for their payment, however this is simply for their own convenience rather than needing to be displayed, since the ANPR cameras are there to monitor when cars enter and leave in conjunction with how long they’ve paid to stay for.

Online Payments

An alternative payment option is to offer online payments. This allows users to pay for their parking on their mobile, rather than having to use a payment machine. Again, this involves entering their registration number and choosing their parking time before making an online payment.

This also attracts yet another demographic of users to your car park – predominantly younger drivers – offering yet another way to bring in additional revenue.

Implement ANPR in Your Car Park

So, are you looking to optimise revenue potential at your car park whilst effectively monitoring who’s parking there and for how long? ANPR parking management could be the solution for you.

Get in touch with us here at Park Direct UK. We can provide tailored ANPR parking solutions that can help you increase parking compliance and space availability in your car park.

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