Private Parking Enforcement: Can You Issue Parking Tickets?

If you operate a private car park, then you have the right to enforce parking tickets to any users who don’t comply with the displayed parking terms. This could be parking without paying, staying longer than they’ve paid for or various other violations depending on the stated restrictions.

With that said, it’s important to know exactly what type of parking ticket you can issue, and what your rights are when it comes to actually enforcing this.

Types of Parking Enforcement Tickets

Despite popular belief, there isn’t simply one type of parking ticket – there are actually three. There are also different restrictions on who can issue each type, and what each type means for the individual to whom the ticket is being issued.

Penalty Charge Notice

A penalty charge notice is issued for minor parking violations, such as parking without having paid, overstaying a paid window or parking without a required permit. It’s important to note, however, that these can only be issued by a governmental authority, such as a local council.

As such, they are typically issued in areas where parking is regulated by the council, not by private operators.

These tickets must be repaid.

Fixed Charge Notice

A fixed charge notice is issued for more serious traffic violations, such as speeding or violating traffic rules. These tickets can only be issued by the police or local authorities – once again, this means they must be repaid.

Depending on the offence and how dangerous it is, further action may also be taken.

Parking Charge Notice

A parking charge notice is issued at privately owned car parks. These could be run by a single private owner, such as yourself, or by a private operating company. A parking charge notice can be issued when people have gone against the parking restrictions displayed at a private car park.

These look very similar to a penalty charge notice, however will have slightly different wording. This is also the only type of parking ticket that can be issued by private owners.

Enforcing a Parking Charge Notice

If you enforce a parking charge notice to someone at your car park, there are a few things you should note. Firstly, you must ensure that there is adequate and visible signage displaying the terms of parking at your car park and these must be reasonable to understand. If you don’t do this, then the person you give a ticket to will have a reasonable claim to dispute the ticket.

You should also note that, legally, they don’t have to pay the ticket at all at the point of it being issued. Whilst it’s unlikely that they do this, it’s still a possibility. In such a scenario, your main option is to reattempt contact after a grace period, and if there is still no response, to escalate the matter and take them to civil court.

Parking Enforcement Services

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Our parking enforcement services include 24/7 random patrols by our qualified wardens, who are fully trained in conflict management and are able to issue parking charge notices to those violating the rules of your car park.

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